1. About these terms.

1.1. Our motive is to make these terms clear to any groups dealing with SE International and to inform those groups how they are also protected.

1.2. Denitions:

1.2.1. "SEI": Means SE INTERNATIONAL FLOORING Pty Ltd,its successors and groups acting on behalf of and with the authority of SE INTERNATIONAL FLOORING Pty Ltd.

1.2.2. "Client": Means groups buying Goods from SEI, speci ed in an invoice, document or order.

1.2.3. "Goods": Means any goods and/or services supplied by SEI to the Client.

1.3. These terms are a subset of any agreement or dealing between SEI and other groups. Elements of these terms may be modi ed or wavered only by agreement between SEI and other relevant groups reduced into writing.

1.4. These terms are to be used in conjunction with other relevant terms governing di erent things such as terms of freight compa- nies, product manufacturers, any other parties involved in the exchange of Goods.

1.5. These terms are subject to change. 1.6. SEI strives not only to provide competitive prices and highest quality Goods, we also strive to achieve the best Client service and expertise that is feasible. Any complimentary information, advice or training provided by SEI is done so in good faith and, as such on the basis that SEI is not liable for its provision.

2. Complaints

2.1. Any complaints are handled through

2.2. Although SEI will do everything within reason to help our Clients, we cannot guarantee a resolution to all complaints.

2.3. Each case will be investigated on an individual basis and corre- spondence will be maintained. As in clause 1.6. we will strive to provide you with the best service feasible to resolve your com- plaints in the shortest time and in the greatest totality.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. This website and all of SEI's original content, designs and de- veloped Goods are the sole property of SEI and hence are fully protected by the appropriate international copyright and intellec- tual property laws.

3.2. Acceptable use of our content includes.

3.2.1. The use of information about SEI's timber Goods.

3.2.2. SEI's images are open license and are free to use unless stated

otherwise. SEI appreciates citations or back-links from groups using its original images.

3.2.3. The redistribution of Blog posts if citations and back-links are used pointing to the original post.

3.3. Defamation is forbidden in line with Article 17 of the United Na- tions International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 246 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China and Australian Defamation Law.

3.4. SEI Reserves the right to use content, designs developed Goods esp pictures for marketing purposes, unless otherwise agreed to.

4. Links to and from other websites

4.1. contains links to other websites and re- sources which are not owned or controlled by SEI and are gov- erned by their own terms. We have no control over such websites and resources and hence we do not assume responsibility for their content or general practices.

4.2. We strongly advise that the terms of these websites are fully read and considered if that website or resource is visited as a result of a link on our website.

4.3. SEI forbids spam or malicious websites from linking to any part of SEI.

5. Legalities & Risk

5.1. SEI is not liable for any health or safety implications upon acqui- sition of products.

5.2. Any omissions or delays by SEI to exercise its rights is not is any way a waiver or forfeit of those rights. Furthermore, actions taken on some group of rights may not apply to any other group of rights.

5.3. This agreement is in accordance with the governing laws of Aus- tralia (and china/international law?) SEI follows all the laws in its countries of operation (currently Australia and China) and all relevant International laws.

5.4. Any groups including SEI and Client shall not be held responsible for anything reasonably out of their control such as: Acts of God, war, lock-out, industrial action, re, weather event, or other event.

6. Payment

6.1. Payment equals ownership. Ownership of any Goods will not transfer to the Client until payment in full has been processed, after which, the Client has ownership of the Goods exclusively.

6.2. Payment should not be processed unless Goods are ready to be dispatched. SEI requires that stock availability is checked before payment is processed.

6.3. Price shall be determined in a quotation from SEI. Such prices will be honored for a minimum of 30 days unless otherwise stated in writing. SEI reserves the right to alter the price if an variation to a quote or invoice is requested by the Client.

6.4. Deposits are required on all Goods unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Goods shall be paid for FOB unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

6.5. Prices do not include tax or tari s, these are the responsibility of the Client.

6.6. Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue at a rate of 2.5% com- pounding monthly at SEI's discretion before judgments. The Client will pay for costs involved in recovering overdue invoices.

7. Privacy & Data

7.1. It is important that customers data and personal information if kept safe and secure. SEI does not share our customers data or personal information with other companies or third parties includ- ing promotional, spam or advertising websites.

7.2. A Client must give SEI at least fourteen (14) days notice of any changes to their data and/or information. The Client is liable for any losses incurred by SEI through failure to notify SEI of such changes.

7.3. We acknowledge that SEI adheres to international standards and guidelines of data security (see 5.3.) and that we take all feasible measures to protect against malicious activities.

7.4. We do not store the nancial data of our customers or aliates.

7.5. We will only contact our customers and aliates with information relating to their inquiries and previous contacts. Customers are protected against pursuit without relevance or consent.

8. Refund / Return Policy

8.1. If Goods are faulty due to negligence by SEI, the Goods will be replaced at SEI's cost. SEI is not responsible for extra costs in- curred.

8.2. The Client must take into account the description of the item before requesting a refund. If the description is consistent, SEI is not responsible for refund.

8.3. There exists a 10 day maximum time limit for returning Goods and processing refunds.

9. Shipping Policies

9.1. SEI only holds partial responsibility for freight supply and may work in conjunction with third party shipping groups.

9.2. Once Goods have been collected from SEI, the responsibility lays with the collector.

9.3. Delivery dates may vary and bu er time should always be allowed for.

9.4. In some cases, Goods may be opened and inspected by customs for pest control or other reasons. Alowance should be made for delays and unpacking caused by customs (see 9.3.). SEI meets all export requirements and is not liable for the actions of customs.

9.5. All parties should also and in general make allowance for peak shipping times such as holiday periods (see 9.3.).

10. Termination

10.1. SEI reserves the right to refuse access to our website for any group.

10.2. SEI may cancel a Goods order up to the point of a payment being made.

10.3. Cancellation of custom made Goods will not be accepted after such Goods have been produced.

11. Contact us

11.1. Any questions about the aforementioned Terms should be ad- dressed to



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