Flexibility of design

Modern architectural and interior design has become a demanding discipline. Designers are faced with a many challenges: keeping up with building requirements, trends, colour assortments and textures - all while avoiding a mundane outcome.

Visual properties

Australian timber offers a variety of solutions; with a wide range of colour choice from rich to neutral intensities, through blonde, brown and red colours. Many species are highly suitable for all kinds of staining. The figure of the timber found in Australian hardwoods is unique amongst timbers worldwide. Many species have a wealth of captivating personality which exhibits nature’s rugged beauty through wavy and interlocked grain, knots, burls, insect trails, dazzling lustre or gum veins. On the other hand, half of the timber species available have a clean, straight and uniform grain better suited for sleek minimal design.

Physical properties

Not only beautiful, Australian timber has a wide spread of properties. Harsh and diverse Australian conditions result in a variety of hardy trees with high performance timber. On one end of the spectrum, we have some of the hardest and strongest commercial timber in the world, on the other end of the spectrum, we have lightweight alternatives with great stability and high resistance to insects and rot and we have everything in-between these two extremes.


Timber is a truly renewable resource, a mature tree is harvested, a young tree is planted and a few decades later is ready for harvesting again. Australia's vast forests are carefully, conservatively managed to ensure a responsible amount of wood is harvested. Timber uses a relatively small amount of energy during processing compared to other building materials like metals and concrete, the timber itself is a carbon storer and has a long working life. Boral Timber only sources timber from responsible, legal sources who practise sustainable forestry. Sawdust and offcuts are supplied to local businesses for use as mulch and energy ensuring no timber is wasted. Boral is AFS and PEFC certified.

About Australian timber

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