NSW Spotted Gum

NSW Spotted Gum

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Botanical Name/s:

Janka Hardness:
Natural Durability
(insect & rot resistance):
Density (dry 12%):

Corymbia Maculata
Corymbia Citriodora
Corymbia Henryi
11kN (Super Hard)
Above ground outdoors Class 1
(40+ years life expectancy)
Poor (U.T.M. 0.38)
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Spotted Gum is very unique and probably the second most popular Australian timber. There is not another timber in the world like Spotted Gum. The colour will vary mostly between pale straw to chocolate brown, sometimes having an olive green or red tinge. Not only visually impressive, spotted gum is extremely hardy. The NSW variety is a little browner and lighter on average.
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