Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak

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Botanical Name/s:

Janka Hardness:
Natural Durability
(insect & rot resistance):
Density (dry 12%):
Eucalyptus Regnan
sEucalusptus Delegatensis
Eucalyptus Obliqua
4.9-7.1kN (medium)
Above ground outdoors Class 3
(7~15 years life expectancy)
Good (U.R.M. 0.23)
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Tasmanian Oak is a common timber, mixed from three Eucalypts with very similar timber. Harvested from the tallest hardwood species in the world, the timber is exceptionally straight grained. Colour is light, neutral cream without much variation, it stains very well and can be polished to an impressive finish.
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